I’ve been keenly interested in consciousness and how it relates to human potential for many years. I’ve studied Zen meditation, as well as various aspects of mysticism and shamanism, from an experiential, more than a philosophical view. In 1994 I began attending seminars put on by Carlos Castaneda and 3 other students of his teacher, don Juan, a shaman/sorcerer who was a master in the ancient teachings of the Toltecs. Much more than philosophy the teachings comprised a set of many ‘magical passes’, a set of movements designed to cultivate spiritual energy and enable various feats of perception and navigation into non-ordinary realms of awareness. Using a combination of these techniques, traditional meditation and lots of trial and error, I was finally able to achieve some success in attaining states of non-ordinary perception. This blog chronicles some of the techniques,  insights and experiences relating to these non-ordinary states of perception, and the totally new worldview which I began to develop as a result.

Much more than intellectual exercise, these new ways to look upon the world, have transformed my life for the better. They offer totally unique and unexpected ways with which to deal with issues such as depression and hopelessness, success, achievement, and personal empowerment, by providing a vastly different way of looking at things, while providing pragmatic techniques of personal change and manifestation, which defy ordinary explanation, and that would simply be considered as ‘impossible’ with traditional, limited views of reality.

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