Truth and Fear

Most people would say that they wish to know ‘the truth’. However, when presented with even the first inklings of said truth, they retreat in fear and denial. Being on the actual path of ‘truth’ is more fearful and painful, than most can bear. It takes a warrior’s mentality to persevere. But there is salvation. Once you allow your false views, and your illusory self, to be torn apart, to die the little death, there exists freedom and acceptance simultaneous to the harshness of truth. And I’d have it no other way.

Part of realizing the truth is to admit you have been a slave your entire life. This is not easy.

Do a meditation. When thoughts diminish to a few ripples on the pond, quietly and inwardly ask, ‘When did I allow my wings to be clipped?’ If you are still enough, the answers will show themselves.

And you will be horrified.


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