The Problem With Science Today

I love science. I often read scientific journals and magazines, and am always amazed at the new things being discovered, and how advanced some of the new techniques and technologies are. What was impossible to imagine years ago is ordinary today!

However, I believe that science is limited in what it can explain, in terms of the larger truths, and this is due to a splitting process which separated pure ‘truth finding’ of ancient times, into strictly segregated areas today, none of which are capable of looking at the truth of reality as a whole.

I believe that at certain times in the past, science and spirituality were unified to a much higher degree. It was called ‘Sacred Science’, and was about learning the deepest truths of reality and consciousness using all possible methods. Today, however, science admits it’s only trying to figure out the physical world, and leaves the deep understanding of life, the universe, and everything to ‘religion’, which is based on faith only. Of course, many religions have no active role in truth finding, it’s just static dogma, telling people what to believe and how to act through supposed ancient texts, that can never be updated with newly discovered ideas. When wanting to truly seek the truth, this is useless, obviously.

I think we are closer than ever to reuniting spirituality, for lack of a better word, with science, but still have a long way to go.  Quantum mechanics seems to demonstrate the very beginnings of linking the two. But, I feel unless science today lets go of its stranglehold on their belief that the world is purely physical, and eventually all things will be explainable through mathematics and rational thought, the re-uniting will never occur. And yes, despite many scientists or institutions thinking they are open to everything, and are following the scientific method precisely, they are not. They toss things out that are ‘obviously’ impossible, such as those relating to reverse-causality, evidence of intelligence greater than ours, among many others that are dismissed due to assumptions on the part of the researcher. They think they’re eliminating useless ‘noise’, but unknowingly are imposing their own deep-seated biases on how reality really works. This is a mistake.

One of the most interesting areas, which hints at a link between mysticism (which is experiential) and hard science (which relies on facts and physical processes), is the fact that it seems to be that they are finally discovering (rediscovering), that consciousness is intricately linked with reality. Of this they have absolute proof… on the subatomic particle scales. They are uncertain if these principals apply on macro scales, although latest evidence shows it happens with large molecules, not only particles. I’m talking about quantum superposition here – that an object exists in all possible states, unless observed, at which point it ‘chooses’ a state, which is called ‘symmetry breaking’. An example of this from science would be that a sub-atomic particle created, but not yet observed actually exists in all it’s possible states, until observed by someone, at which point it ‘chooses’ one, and sticks to it. This is called the ‘collapse of the quantum wave function’.  Intuition says that it must have been in one state or the other even before being looked at, we simply didn’t know. But intricate experiments prove otherwise. It simultaneously exists as all states at once, which defies imagination.

My belief system, as many have realized by now, doesn’t ahdere to the limitations of current scientific thought. I believe that this quantum superposition exists at all scale levels, including the human scale, and even cosmic scales. Meaning that until consciousness has observed an event, it is in a state of superposition, and can therefore still be altered. (Although I can experience this directly today, as can anyone who puts out the effort and tries, this also mirrors the realizations of ancient and current day mystics and adepts in the ‘consciousness’ movement – zen masters, yogis, buddhist monks). An example of this truth in action would be in the ability to manifest things into your life using Intent. If there is a possibility of two or more outcomes to an event, they are all playing out, until you observe the result.  In the meantime, using techniques delivered to us by certain ancient cultures such as the Toltecs, we can alter probability, create luck, and do all sorts of things most people thinking in Western terms might think as absolutely impossible.

For those not used to thinking in such expanded ways, you might be wanting to call the whitecoats for me, but I assure you, this is totally provable… if not to anyone else, to yourself!

I’m convinced that certain ancient civilizations knew of this science. There are plenty of written records, the problem is, when our scientists read such things that go so far beyond our current worldview, they instantly relegate it into the category of myth, without seriously considering it could have been true for them. It seems too absurd. Nor do they study and link current systems of consciousness advancement (meditation, shamanism, mysticism), and the somewhat out-of-the ordinary claims found there, to anything they are working on in physics. These subjects remain ‘taboo’, at least in mainstream science and government funded institutions, which is evidenced by those especially open-minded scientists that have traveled down these paths… they are very quickly shunned as crackpots, funding revoked, despite their strict adherence to scientific protocols, and actual evidence.

A true scientist follows the evidence despite how ‘impossible’ it might be. That’s how true innovation in thought comes about. Our worldviews today are only in place due to a never-ending string of such ‘impossible to believe’ discoveries. Many of which took hundreds of years of suppression before they were reluctantly accepted. Just like the dark ages when stating “The Earth is not the center of the universe”, we live in a similar time period where certain subjects and truths remain strictly taboo. Some of these taboo subjects for which there is evidence to support them are:

  • Consciousness creates reality, not the other way around
  • Consciousness can therefore affect reality in ways that seem impossible using the old worldview
  • Reality as we know it, is an illusion
  • By learning to break this illusion, many abilities will become instantly available to us

Most people aren’t willing to allow themselves to conceive of the ‘impossible’ because they become uncomfortable when their long-held belief systems relating to reality itself are threatened. I’ve never been this way, I’ve always sought the truth, no matter how difficult it was to comprehend. I welcome uncomfortable ideas to fester in my mind… weeding out the ones that aren’t valid, and reluctantly having to accept, however difficult or even painful they may be, the ones that are.

And believe me, when one takes this approach, you will experience not only great resistance to these new truths, but pain and suffering as well. The old ‘truths’ are so ingrained, it remains one of the most difficult tasks to let them go, and often takes a concerted, multidisciplinary approach to ensuring their proper extraction.

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