My First Experience Ingesting Monoatomic Gold

Experience : February 15, 2006

Let this day go down as one of the most bizarre in my life. Tonight, I ingested a substance which was purported to contain, the “white powder of gold”.  Supposedly, this is a magical alchemical substance long sought after by the ancients. The ancient Sumerians not only described it, but alluded to the fact that an ancient race of extraterrestrial beings was mining it from our upper atmosphere, and created a slave race, us, to support them in the process. I always thought this story was complete bullshit, why would an alien race need to come HERE for gold-dust? It had the sound of a silly story made up by someone trying to sell books, it made no sense.

Well at this point, the morning of Thursday, February 16, 2006, it MAKES SENSE. The substance that I ingested yesterday purports to contain some of this primordial dust, mined from an ancient seabed. Yes, my physical being realizes the absurdity of this, and a deep part of me realized that it’s simply wishful thinking, and I’m simply being duped into letting $30 more of my money go to some nameless internet company for some silly supplement. One that in 6 months time will go on the shelf with so many other ilixir’s I’ve experimented with after hearing various people, usually the ones selling it, purport of it’s near magical healing properties. Remember 5HTP?

Well, I’m here to report today of the most amazing spiritual experience I’ve had in years, if not ever.

The box arrived in an innocent and mundane fashion. Someone popped into Ritz camera, and handed me a little 6 inch cube, and made some sort of  silly joke about it saying “FRAGILE” on the side of it. Erin may have said something like, “Wow you got a box from Italy…”, then said in an Italian accent, “Fragilly”. An automated chuckle came out of me. She was flying high today because she just received a $5000 medium format Rollei camera that some extremely generous Chinese fellow from Hong Kong donated to her, when a week earlier on a whim she decided to simply ask for one on her forum. She was amazed and in utter disbelief that she was now holding in her hand something she thought she’d never be able to afford… a $5000 Rollei with semi-automatic exposure controls. She was cradling it like a baby all day long. I’m SO happy for her, she is a wonderful person, as well as a passionate aspiring fine art photographer, and I simply can’t wait to see the amazing things she does with that. Today, the cynicism I hold of the human race has taken a severe blow. Like an Alaskan glacier in summertime, one little piece has just toppled into the ocean, wouldn’t it be sublime if this was only a foreshadowing of the whole damn thing finally crashing down, leaving behind the pristine, non-cynical reality which existed in my distant past?

It’s as if a spiritual potential is building, and has been for years, maybe all my life. And finally, everything is culminating in events that threaten to tear away the old, mundane and negative worldviews which have gotten me to what seems like a sad point in my life, ready to reveal once again the lost majesty and magic of a world which truly is divine and filled with bristling, giddy magic and excitement?

So, I open my box, and have two simultaneous experiences. One, is the excitement of holding in my hand a magical elixir that the ancients fully knew about and sought after. Who knows, maybe it wasn’t actual gold the alchemists were trying to synthesize for mere monetary and material gain, but instead, this magical white powder of gold, a true alchemical element with properties so unique and bizarre, they can only be described even by our own technologically inclined minds as, “magical”.

Then, secondly, and occurring fully simultaneously and in parallel to that was the old familiar feeling of sinking in my chest, which so often accompanies any grand experiences in my life. The feeling, “who am I fooling? You are holding a supplement in your hand, a mundane bottle of powder that some clever group of shysters has provided to you in tricking you into departing with $30 of your precious money by selling you an empty dream.” But I refuse to sink into this feeling. My new philosophy is to live life FULLY AS IF it’s the wonderful magical world that deep inside I so want it to be. Even in pretending, the mere act of following ideas such as this will help to imbue mundane experiences with the innocent childlike glee that I used to allow myself when younger. My world back then was a rich and textured magical place which existed privately in my imagination, but which caused all of my experiences to be tainted with magic and adventure. REMEMBER!

I even explained to Erin how I’m refusing to allow these negative thoughts of practical reality – God, I’m becoming an adult and I hate it! – to enter my worldview. Why do I feel guilty in allowing myself the chance to pretend and to live in this rich inner world of which I was so familiar as a child and young adult? What has happened to me? Don’t I remember promising myself as a child to NEVER ALLOW myself to become this tainted? Yes, I remember now! I used to see adults as tainted, lost souls, compromised and corrupted. Even the nice ones! I used to bask in the glory of my untainted awareness, and literally would do an exercise which would act as an anchor to that awareness so if I ever became corrupted, I could latch onto that anchor in space-time, and use it to pull myself free. By golly, I believe I’m doing that RIGHT NOW!

So I took the tiniest pinch of this slightly-off white powder (Bad Carl: “See, I know I was ripped off, monatomic gold is pure white, I’ve been RIPPED OFF, FUCK!”) and placed it under my tongue, and… and…. AND… Nothing happened.

No magical feelings, no opening of doorways, just the gritty feeling you get when ingesting powdered dirt packaged in a way to make you think your $30 was justified. Damn, I just ate sand!

Oh well, I’m pretending, just go with it. I left early today from work because the law offices associated with my condo refinance loan called and said we could close today. Phew! I was getting nervous that that would fall through. I almost expected defeat; it seems to be the predominant feeling imbuing my psyche over these past… 10 years. Actually, I think it has been exactly 10 years – it started about 2 years into my marriage with Alesia when I started to realize she was not the angelic, pristine, loyal soul mate I so wished her to be. Realizing that she was not on my side, would not help me in a pinch, only cared about her own needs and not mine, was truly the beginning of my grand downfall. God, I feel sick even reviewing that. How sad. POOR ME! Yeah, the futility of thinking like this. Thankfully I’m shedding that view, and this SAND I JUST ATE, I think is doing something strange…

Driving down Rt. 190 South from work into Worcester, I started feeling only what I could describe as a “tickling” of my heart. It was a giddy, high-pitched feeling which literally tickled my inner, upper chest region. Not unpleasant, not profound, but definitely there.

As I got onto Rt. 290 East heading into Marlboro, listening to the “Stardust” episode of Coast to Coast AM, possibly the first place I heard of the newly discovered “monatomic elements”, the feeling continued to grow. Shit! Something’s happening! It’s not my imagination now, but even if it was, who cares? I’m BUZZING now, a subtle, high-frequency body buzz. (I think I know what they mean now by moving to a “higher vibrational level”).

Bad Carl says they’ve hidden some as-of-yet still legal herbal supplement into your powdered sand such as Gotu Kola, which contains naturally occurring caffeine, which gets you buzzing and thinking that stuff actually works. Clever marketers!

When I got to the law office, I realized I was exactly on time. That never happens! At least not without lots of stress and hectic effort. I was calm and clear and was ringing like a Tibetan meditation bell. It was like I felt a sense of harmony, but instead of this being a word form I assign to a mental construct, my ringing WAS the harmony. Directly!

Now I started noticing the synchronicity and coincidence of the timing of these events. Within an hour of ingesting this long sought after, secret, recently rediscovered elixir, or food of the gods, or MANA, I’m signing papers which will in one fell swoop eliminate all of my financial problems which had begun 10 years earlier, and had gotten progressively worse over the years culminating in the loss of $120, 000 of my retirement fund, the near loss of my condo, the near total destruction of my previously pristine credit rating. And getting totally out of debt and back on track, just happens to be culminating within an HOUR of taking this magical powder! Granted it was in the works… but looking at it from a flow of awareness perspective, the events align in an important, synchronistic way.

Within two hours I was playing LOUD rock music, sounding awesome in a band with Dan Bunge, a drummer that for 20 years I’ve always dreamed of  being in a band with. I look at him as my magical dream character who shows up in my ‘real life dreams’. We’ve recently talked about this, jammed a bit, but my discursive intellect has sort of written this off – he likes different music, he’s hard to deal with sometime. But, the timing and synchronicity of it is unmistakable. Although last week we played, tonight, a mere two hours after ingesting the elixir, I was in a FULL BAND situation, playing a song called “Bad Religion” (Hmmm, 1st I’ve noted the synchronicity of it’s title), playing loudly (guilty at first, people are always telling me to turn down, not UP). Yet, here I am, feeling alive once again, doing what I love, and just finding myself in a situation which previously I’ve had to work endless years to try to attain, yet this was effortless—it just happened on it’s own, the events building up without any effort on my part over the past 3 weeks or so, culminating in this experience tonight, a mere 2-3 hours after taking the elixir.

The bass player’s name was Mark, and was very good. Not blues based, but hard rock, a nice guy, a father. Just the type of guy I’d want if I’d chosen him myself. Now this music, Godsmack, is not really my favorite, but maybe only because I’ve trained myself that hard, hard rock is somehow bad and I’m beyond that now. It is simple, but I have to admit, it’s fun to play and gets my blood boiling. I need to shed more of my apprehension and let loose, though, but I feel the elixir is making that happen automatically.

I left my Line6 amp at Mikey’s, for the next practice. I drove Mikey down to Ralphs to see Dan play with Jason James. He’s a nice guy, a teetotaler, who looks like a throwback from the 50’s. He plays Rockabilly, and does it well, although I get bored quick of it. But tonight, I’m sitting back and enjoying it. His head seems a wee bit too large for his body.

Later at home,  I’d taken another pinch of elixir in the bathroom and couldn’t believe my state of awareness. But then some bad thoughts crept back in, and I realized the sad state of myself, and how I tended to allow myself to indulge in such thoughts, which in this instant I viewed as an internal, ongoing spiritual battle.

At that instant, a cartoon playing on the adult swim network, channel 51, became noticeable when a voice on it said, “So let the BATTLE BEGIN!”

Another strange synchronicity! I took this as a positive, and immediately let those ‘bad’ thoughts go, realizing that I had the power to do this whenever and wherever they may arise. And they WOULD arise again, of that I was sure! How silly I’ve been to attach to them, and let them rule my reality! It seems so clear to me now!

Then, I meditated. All I can say is WOW! I was blown out of the sky! It was like a mushroom trip… I saw my body within a construct of awareness all around. That ever present yet hidden awareness, tore my body apart. But it was the construct – not a body. I perceived awareness without the body. Everything was different. I was HOME. I knew what death was. I died, yet nothing was lost. I let my body, the construct crumble until I was no more. I didn’t perceive. There was just perception. I can’t explain it. It was POWERFUL. I can’t believe it. This stuff is REAL. I see why the ancients used it. I felt like the veil was being lifted. I had a physical sensation in my 3rd eye like someone prying off it’s cap with a crowbar. I could travel to Ma’s house, yet had a simultaneous perception of my house – they were the same. Everything is the same. This house or that, mere descriptions added by the construct. I’m free of the concept of I and I’m!

Sunday, February 19, 2006:

I’ve been taking the powder daily. I’ve not yet replicated that first night’s amazing meditation, although I still feel a high-frequency ringing energy bristling through me. Taking the powder makes me think I’m eating volcanic ash, not the most pleasant sensation. Today, I’ve relaxed, watched some movies and not done much productive. I’d had nothing planned for today.

My meditation tonight started with that familiar pressure in my 3rd eye, as if an unseen force is attempting to pry it open. I learned a bit about time travel tonight. And how my life is not as it seems, progressing from past to now to what will happen. Instead, the white powder of gold showed me that my life is instead a continuum for which I have total access. I’m only stuck in the present because of fear. I fear traveling back because I make the beginner’s mistake of comparing one piece of the timeline to another.

For instance, I traveled back to “the happiest time in my life”, when Alesia and I were on that trip with Bo and Richard right after a Tensegrity seminar in California, I can’t quite remember which. Long Beach? Westwood? Immediately, my present body began to feel intense regret, pain, sadness. Normally, this would have totally thwarted any such ‘time travel’ by nipping it in the bud. Then a voice stepped in and said, “That was not the past, it’s simply a part of the continuum which is your life. You’ve just accessed that – detach from the present, don’t compare that moment with this one. That locks you into the illusory present. Simply experience the happiness of that ‘other present moment’ without the regret.”

And so I did. It took several attempts, as I wanted to feel so sad that those times were no more. When I did the voice kept repeating, “sink into it, but lose the regret – that happiness is a part of your life, don’t cut it off, or cut yourself off. Lose the comparisons, and have full access to the continuum of your life!” It worked, and I experienced those times as if for the first time… nearly forgetting about my body. It was wonderful!

Next, I traveled back in time to my late teens. I found myself laying on the living room couch at my old house, my mother’s. I could feel the fabric, see the pattern on the pillow. I looked up to see the TV near the front picture window and the couch facing it, dividing the living and dining rooms. What time period was this? It was now, of course, just a different now!

Again, the sadness of what will never be again percolated upward. This time the voice in my head squelching these emotions of comparing two points on the timeline, was my own. “Separate, no regrets; experience the feelings without adding anything – have access to your whole life! It’s your birthright!”

What a great lesson! I’ve done a thousand meditations, but never thought of things like this before. It must be the result of the monatomic gold. This ‘method’ is tough to execute, though. But think – we separate ourselves into the present only and we do it out of fear and regret. We fear feeling the feelings we will only feel when we compare two points on the timeline. We always focus on the bittersweet, and never on the more positive points. Like our living quarters, car, other things that have been achieved. Likewise if we project into the future, we can’t escape the thought that we are still in the present simply dreaming of what the separate future will be like. That’s two things, which is one too many. In this case, there is only ‘the future’. When we lose focus on our present body and thoughts of us being ‘in the present’, we are free to travel anywhere in time. What a revelation!

Another lesson was revealed when during enjoying waatching my 3rd movie of this lazy day. The movies I enjoyed today were Sin City, Curse of the Were-Rabbit, and Star Wars III, and I enjoyed them immensely. However, I habitually almost fell into the guilt trip. I intercepted what was to be a thought about how I’ve wasted another day, and therefore must be losing my mind. I must be out of control of my doings, I’ve let another day go to total waste, what a loser, what’s happened to me? I never use to be like this, I could have done so much with my life, I’ve got ADD, I’m severely depressed, Alesia broke my heart, I’m not the man I used to be, wah, wah, waaaaah! Here’s the lesson! I feel like this not for relaxing all day with Simon (my best friend, my Siamese cat) and some movies, but for allowing those thoughts to overtake me, without realizing they are just thoughts. If I step in and allow those negative thoughts to float away, guess what? I feel giddy like a kid! I’m all alone in my OWN condo with a magical cat here, watching COLOR science fiction (for years as a child with only a black and white TV, I thought that my world would be bliss… if I only had a color TV).

Think of how I’d experience this EXACT moment as a kid. It’d be the most exciting thing ever, totally magical! So, allow myself to travel into the past and future effortlessly, fully detached from this present moment, and I’ll have access to my whole self, not this sliver. Hugely important lessons!

Thank you, white powder of gold!

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  1. I just could not leave your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard information a person supply on your guests? Is going to be again frequently in order to check out new posts

  2. Nice post. I used to be checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful information specially the ultimate part🙂 I deal with such info much. I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  3. Hi there… is it possible to ask you some questions? This post is from 2006 and since we are on 2012 i would like to know your view 6 years after ingesting monoatomic gold.. could you make a post on it? or send me an email with your present view on it?
    THanks for your testimony


    • gotten a reply yet?

  4. So i read this post and it has been approximately 1 hour since i ingested the mono atomic gold i received in the mail. It is my first time taking it so i looked up immediate results of consuming colloidal gold and i was taken to this website. Once he started talking about synchronicity I started having a euphoric, tingly, vibrational feeling. Then i realized he lives close to where i live, driving to and from Worcester. Ralphs is a place where I perform music with my progressive metal band Yantra. I have similar feelings toward my bandmates that this guy has with his. I feel great right now. Mono atomic gold kicks ass from what i have experienced so far so I hope it goes well. I am excited to have new and radical experiences! Check out my shamanic metal band at or at .Thanks for the good read!

  5. how much dose one consume for each dose what was the amount to take

  6. By the scope of your writing you have obviously entertained a great many fictional books. Why are you so foolish to praise a substance that will only bring death? Seek life from the only one who can give it and that is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    • This substance brings death? Show me your evidence! You are speaking about words in a fictional book that cannot be proven. Please look at what you believe in before you go calling others foolish. I find it funny coming from someone who believes in a burning bush, talking animals, virgin birth, and a giant ship, 900 year old Noah, and 120 year old Moses. Need I say more? Because I can think of many more faults with that religion. That religion is just as crazy as any other.

      • It’s so crazy that you are the one ingesting a gold formula in hopes to help you. Sorry lost guy. We only need Jesus Christ. He has taken me more places and given me more knowledge in the past 32 years than your goofy gold ever will.

      • He’s woo percent correct. All those things did and do exist. You will soon see with your own eyes as judement day is coming.

      • While I haven’t tried this kind yet .others I tried did nothing. You have my attention. You have my attention because of your experiences.I began having OBE,s at age 5. Went away somewhere between the ages of 11 maybe younger. 2010 in my 40,s now. Its a trip isn’t it. shoot do not sweat these others and their opinions on your experience.They will ALL find out soon enoguh.Let it roll your shoulders. dust dust

      • Is that how you feel about other foods? Seek life from Jesus not food he gave us to eat??

    • What a zealot.

    • Spare me the Jesus crap please.

    • Saviour? From what? From Gods unwillingness to forgive someone who decided to do something so over the top that was so unthinkable, unimaginable, tragic and inexplicably horrible to comprehend had the audacity to eat some juicy and delicious fruit? From a tree that he put in front of them? Out of all the places he could have put it, he chose to put it right there on top of them… sounds like entrapment to me. Besides who would take the life of an innocent man and then punish his family for eternity for a crime his neighbor committed?

    • Thanks for the advice, dad. It’s obvious you read a lot of fictional books as well.

    • Unreal Christians never looking into the past to see that the Hebrews use to eat this substance ,read the 6th and 7th Books of Moses or are you just gonna judge from on up high like so many of my ex breathren who love to judge and gossip and point fingers the holier than thou as I call them ,I was brought up Christian my mother was a minister of hate and judgement never seeing the truth other than the bible what about the other books of the bible which have been so conveniently removed with not even a glance as for monatomic gold ,, God gave it to us or the gods gave it to us and he said to Jesus lord it says that ye’ are gods what do you say and Jesus replied what does the scriptures say than it must be true ye’ are gods look it up !!!!

    • 32 years of jesus ,,, then you would know of his journey ??? how he believed in buddha and buddha’s teachings? his time spent in india .. i dont think jesus would like you putting some one down thats not his way wheres your love try to be more like him if your truly love him ,, the burning bush? funny the burning bush is mentioned as the location of the burning bush was the same hill side where the egyptians had a temple for making monoatomic gold ,, also its looks like white powder like white bread ,, ask yourself you know the answer … and i quote ” he burned the golden phallic worship symbol and turn it into bread … ps books arnt books until there written ,,, watch the movie book of eli ,,, the world needed it or did we

  7. Does anyone know of a good brand of pure monoatomic gold.I just want to get my moneys worth.

    • I found that we have the purest monatomic in the market. I felt the best affects of monatomic when engaged in meditations and whole body breathing. Check us out at

  8. Thank you for your story… not only did it back up the things we’ve researched but it gave me hope and inspiration… I’d love a more recent update but I will experiment myself either way and post my own experience as well… why haven’t we heard more? Scratch that… I know why… if THEY know this shit exists then why would THEY let you have it… why am I… why are we…
    It’s worth it either way!!!

  9. plz read
    the gold powder is a lie made by the demons by the devil himself PLZ READ

    • I can just say that you are wrong and you know it… There’s no such thing as Evil or God, there’s just good and bad, one thing could not exist without the other….. Let it be!


  11. Hi friend – you have described demonic possession… this is serious idolatry you are engaged in; I plead with you to realize the sin and rebellion you are in and turn to Jesus Christ, who shed his blood for your sins so you could be reconciled with God…

    • Tim,
      For the sake of an objective and fair discussion, I would like specific examples of how (based on this posting) he is engaged with demons and worshipping idols.

      I believe that God has placed resources all over this planet, and he has placed us as masters of this domain. Who is anyone to judge this man for using one of those resources to gain a better understanding of his own soul/self/atman? We don’t flinch at new scientific discoveries, but spiritual exploration is taboo?

      Kindly, please explain your position🙂

      • Who ever it is that is preaching please stop your maken Christians look stupid things are allready hard enough for em as is, personally I’ve come to realize most Christians are quacks and lieing Hippocrates but to be honest I’m a Christian my only concern in this is that this stuff isn’t being put on the pedestole of salvation sorry I believe God redeems man not us doing it ourselfs either by eating stuff or spiritual practices other than that I’m not against it, gonna try it for my self and see, personally I’m tired of everything all ready being planed out and figured for us beforhand. Its like man dictates man’s relationship to God, this seems very dangerous to me you can’t know something until you experince it and we lack badly a real experience with God. Anyway sorry guys but not all Christians are complet retards and some are actually pretty cool and even good people.

  12. I’m excited to try this from your essay. Thank you.

  13. not sure if you’re still experimenting but i loved the article. The best quality monotatomics i’ve tried are coming out of realm dynamics. com/#_a_54 . The idea here is not to haphazardly consume noble elements but to methodically work with the elements and assimilate their ‘codes’ into practical usage. This company sources from a top of the line laboratory in switzerland, whereas other producers suffer in regard to not having the technology to support their aims. The best bet would be to try these monoatomics with the assistance of a realm dynamic specialist or simply experience it for yourself. Not all monoatomics are created equally. But they all give the user some type of experiential effects. thanks for sharing

  14. Hello… im confused… is this safe? Or will I lose my hair or develop a disease? Ive heard you see unpleasant beings… id like to know im rather curious. I believe in God but I also believe in being open minded and respecting all life. If it helps me then great if it puts me in the hospital then forget it

    • Yes, it is safe. According to my experience only if your body is sick (for any cause or reason) the monoatomic gold will give you a lot ( I mind A LOT) of sleep, because it is a way the the monoatomic works in order to cure the body. in that case you have to cure your body first use colloidal silver, peroxide hidrogen, or hipoclorite of sodium

  15. I have just purchased some monatoic gold.I will try it myself,for a period of time,but my main aim is to give it to someone who has multiple sclerosis and another person who has muscular degeneration.
    I am not interested in getting a buz,but would like to reach a higher spiritual level.
    Anyone out there who has used the “ormus”,seen any improvement in overall health and in particular muscle tone and strength?

    • A piece of advice: To cure any ANY DESEASE you have to first use colloidal silver, peroxide hidrogen, or hipoclorite of sodium. (check instruction on internet)
      According to my experience only if your body is sick (for any cause or reason) the monoatomic gold will give you a lot ( I mind A LOT) of sleep, because it is a way the the monoatomic works in order to cure the body. in that case you have to cure your body first use colloidal silver, peroxide hidrogen, or hipoclorite of sodium. Use monoatomic to cure your body is expensive, and has colateral damage ( a lot of sleep)

  16. I just tried my first dose of monatomic gold.Firstly,it did absolutely no harm to me.Secondly,it increased my concentration,it made my speech more fluent,and it gave me energy.It gave me greater insight into people,and I felt weightless,meaning,I did not feel tiredness in my legs,that I often do.
    Will report on further doses.

  17. which brand are you using or which one you recommend? thanks for your time!

  18. I used the Four Realms brand.I only selected this brand,because it was available on ebay,and was easily accessible.
    After taking it for 10days,I can say that in my opinion it does the following things to me.I repeat this is that I have felt,and only I:
    -it makes me speech more fluent.It is easier to hold conversations and I am to reason out better.I suspect this is an effect on the nervous system.Gold is supposed to increase the speen of communications between neurones
    -It gives me more energy.For the first time for a while,when my workday ends,I plan what to do next,rather than go home to vegetate
    -It gives me intuition.
    -It seems to be developing the energy centres particularly the one at the third eye level.I get almost continual sensations in that arae for most of the day.So far this has not led to anything I can measure yet.
    -In a weird way,I feel younger.I am 55 years of age ,and i am getting to the elderly stage.But,I look in the mirror,and somehow I feel and look
    younger.Its a great feeling.
    -I have one warning.It seems to have stimulated my gambling gene.
    I have not bet on horses or football for almost 6 months.I had a bet again,feeling that with my new increased intuition,I could get better results.This is a real worry,as I will have to beat the gambling temptation all over again.Admittedly,though,I have come up with better
    ideas on how to make money gambling.
    -It seems to give me a feeling of confidence(perhaps oveconfidence)

    I hope this is a help to anyone that is thinking of trying it.I would love’
    to hear from anyone with similar experiences.

  19. Hi, could you tell me what monoatomic gold you ingested and your experiences after these years?

  20. If you read my entry above,I have answered these questions

  21. Hi, I’m excited to see recent updates on monoatomic gold, I am very interested and ultimately believe in God.
    I was wondering if yall have seen any evil or harmful beings not of this dimension?
    Any side effects?
    I would really appreciate a response…
    Thank you

    • I read in the David Icke blog, a bar (very bad) experience of someone who took rose (the hardest one) monoatomic gold, but he was a drug addict, and that lets posses him by demons. So it is recommendable some spiritual work, meditation mainly.

  22. I am a chemist major. I did a study in awhile back on the Placebo effect. We told them that the drug they were taking was a mind enhancing medicine. That it would help them focus, improve memory, and increased their energy. Basically all the same effects as this drug. 378 of 500 test subjects reported they felt at least one of the effects described above. It was a capsule full of sugar. The chemical make up of mono-atomic gold even shows it to be very simple. The effects of the chemicals inside show no health benefits, but you mix em together and BOOM, you got some amazing multi dimensional drug. Placebo effect works incredibly well. Whoever thought of this is making bank. Throughout history, so many promising medications to work miracles have come and gone. This is just another example. You all will look back and feel stupid. Marketing some drug as Illuminati medicine or mind opening medicine is just going to attract attention. Ultimately, genius marketing right there. Wish I would have thought of this before.

    • I also have a Chemist major,and in fact I have a pharmacy degree.
      If we had you with your placebo,who would need medicines?
      You are quite right about the placebo effect,but that only works in
      a proportion of the cases ,in which psychology plays a significant role.
      It is obvious that you do not have the history,on ORMUS and the
      Monatomic Gold.
      I take it,and admitedly,it is only in the first month only,so I have not
      seen the full effects yet.I took it to see if it can repair tissue that has
      had operation related damage.So far it has done nothing for that.But
      it has made my memory better,my mind work quicker,and my speech
      more coherent.It has also improved my hearsight.These are not
      improvements ,I expected,so they are not placebo.

      • I just recently heard of the monatomic/monoatomic gold, today actually. As I was doing research on the Sumerians I stumbled upon their usage of this white powder gold and after extensive research (2 hours give or take a few minutes) I am highly interested in the consumption of this product. I am in the process of looking for a way to purchase this product. I will update on my status as I experience.

  23. Mind is blown

    • Hi JOe,
      I have taken monatomic gold for three months now.
      I have always wanted to write a book.I have written two since ,I have
      been taking it.ONe I might publish!
      Nothing else needs to be said!

      • Can you give us an update on your experience with the monatomic gold since your last post? Also have you changed the brand of monatomic gold were you using?

  24. Dear Urban Mystic,

    I am aware that this article is an old article, but yet and still I want to thank you for writing it. In the last few days I have had a dream involving monoatomic gold, that has led me to believe that this could be a tool used to accelerate my spiritual growth.

    In light of your writings concerning past heartbreak, and the fight to continue believing that your existence in this earth has a purpose more exciting than the likely prospective. I felt in my heart that I was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with you. Before you shut down internally, let me guarantee that you probably have not heard it quite like this. (forgive my ignorant brothers in the earlier comments)

    Jesus Christ came and died for our sins, yes, but not simply that. Jesus Christ died to create a way for man to be free from the dimensional limitations that hold it in its mediocre state. Jesus Christ did not die to begin a religion , but to be a prototype of what man was intended to be. This carries far more metaphysical implications then can be realized at first glance.

    At his death he descended into the lower dimensions of darkness until reaching the very darkest of the spheres. Untangling himself from its connections to his human DNA, he then began his ascent and rose again. He then ascended (levitated) physically through all the dimensions of the universe, again fully untangling himself from all its forces. Finally superseding the creation itself, of what we call our universe. You see, as amazing as our universe is, it isn’t all that there is, there are dimensions that reach far beyond our created universe.

    He reached the dimensionless place of the uncreated Father of all spirits. And presented his blood as the price to bridge the dimensional gap for humanity.

    It’s much like tying a very long line through all the dimensions, forming a pathway for any who would receive this invitation and begin heading up the path to be restored back to original intent.

    I felt God wanted to extend this invitation to you. Your journey has been commendable so far, but there is so much more available. You don’t have to fight this battle for truth and freedom on your own. You see, the one who formed your spirit, actually loves you and has put purpose on the inside of you.

    My prayer is that God himself would reveal this truth to your heart.

    God speed,

    – A friend

    • So have you used it yet? I am a Christian and don’t want to take something that God doesn’t want me to.

    • He died for you, but not me. I didn’t ask him to not would I ever.
      The human mind is still capable of peace, love, harmony & synchronicity without his teachings.
      Those teachings are excuses, and mostly ego. Man was created equil, no one gets to enlightenment by looking for another to save him, he only can look inward and realize he creates his reality- no one else controls that. Not jesus, not 10lbs 2oz baby Jesus, not David Coresh, not any other “chosen one”.
      You become chosen when you choose yourself, but only out of love.

  25. Governmental Ordinance Department aka God people always got something to say… go keep being a idiot n stop trying to tak peoples happiness.. u say there’s no more powerful name then jesus christ… well thats a fake name…. so yall fake… if its power in it its been translated dummy….. go read some books and stop following that preacher so close.. yo head up his ass….. get on yo 7 chakras and keep researching SMART PEOPLE…. age of Aquarius…. Pisces time over…..

    • Not looking for God comments. He had his chance, let’s give Gold some breathing room here without all of the God smothering biblical referencing repetitive psychobabble brainwashing rhetoric… for Christ sake!

  26. This article was exatly what my soul wanted to read, thanks so much.

    I discovered monatomic gold yesterday, and i have been investigating it 24/2, and then I suddenly played my favorite music playlist and I realized one of my favorite songs is called GOLD DUST. I was like Holy Sh!t, all this time I have been listening to this song jumping up in the air and now I have found the philosophers stone and it is gold dust, anyway check out the song

    GOLD DUST DJ FRESH FLUX PAVILION REMIX, it has the intensity and the awesomeness that I expect I will feel with monatomic gold.

  27. Don’t hate because someone’s spirituality is iconisized with the word god or jesus. After all, anyone interested in monatomic gold is also trying to improve their spirituality, except it is an ever flowing river to them as opposed to a rigid construct. I’ve read the bible several times, the books of enoch,the book of Thomas, peter(jesus brother) the emerald tablets, the sumerian tablets…etc…all to try to define my spirituality. So when I think of god, I wonder…Enki?Enlil? The ancient of days? Who is Satan? Enki…Enlil…(come to think of it…why did enki and enlil tell adapa not to eat the bread from their father table?)
    Although today was the first day I gathered all the materials to make my first batch of ormus, I’m pretty convinced it is my second experience with it. Bizarre but maybe true, but about two years ago, while trying to search out any kind of cure for cancer for my wife, I came across some info about the white gold, so I followed the instructions on how to make it. It wasn’t like a lot of the recipes you find with the sea salts and ph levels and so on, but a much lengthier procedure that required many months of waiting, for a very minute amount. As it turned out, my wife ended up on life support just around the time my little experiment was coming to fruition. As the executor, I was getting a lot of pressure to pull the plug and let her die. I even had to go in front of panel at a hearing, initiated by her family, to prove I was capable of deciding for her. Truth is, and if you have an ounce of spirituality in you you will agree, that I wasn’t capable of making that decision. I don’t think anyone is…Enlil…Enki…God…jesus…buddah…krishna…zuess…nobody! Life is our own right. The creator of all is just that, not a destroyer of all. Long story short, I got a remand at the hearing, because any time was better than no time, just to see how things would fare. Her biggest problem was that her lungs were not getting enough oxygen, so she had to get it pumped into her. (she was in a coma) for a bit there, she seemed to be doing better, so they tried taking the life support off. It didn’t work, so they put her back on. The doctor told me she had been lucid enough to say that if taking her off the next time didn’t work she had conveyed she didn’t want to be put back on. It got really tense…to the point where I had only one more chance. So I’m sitting there all nonchalant like, in her room, and stealthily remove a bit of cellophane from my pocket. I discreetly open it up, I lift her respirator and put a couple of white specks on her tongue…to be up front, I also prayed and put my hands on her head, trying to channel healing through my hands. At a moment like that, you want to give it your all. The next day she not only came out of the coma, but was off the respirator and life support!
    When I went to see her the next morning, I was amazed, and our daughter was elated. My wife was fully awake and most assuredly alive. The doctors were amazed. Her ontocologist called it a miracle. She was home within a week, and lived for almost another year.
    Maybe Noone has the right to decide when another person should leave this life, but I think it is every good spirits duty to try what they can to be preserve it. It makes them better spiritually to act on love and not react from fear.
    Tomorrow morning I’ll be mixing up a good ol’ batch of the ormes to try and make myself a better person, and if works, I’ll be in a much better situation to help others. I see nothing wrong with that, and I can’t help but think that any benevolent deity or even the creator of all would disagree.

    • Dave, please share with us if your wife continued to use the powder after that first time in the hospital, or if it was a one time thing. I’m happy for you that she was able to get a reprieve, but I was hoping the powder would help to improve her condition to the point of being cured. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you.

  28. Do you think he is still alive or did this white powder permanently left him in the past six feet under?

  29. Can you share your source for the white powder please?

  30. Hi I live In Epsom, can you suggest good sources to buy genuine monotony gold?

    • You can buy on Amazon, Ebay, or from web pages over the world

    • I became very interested in monoatomic gold for health reasons and came across a youtube video with Spencer Cross being interviewed telling his experience of white powder gold healing his colitis. I learned how to make monoatomic gold from him and am now offering making it for anyone interested. See my website for more information.

  31. Great to read this! However, I would be grateful if you could elaborate how ingesting white gold for a prolonged period affected you.🙂

    • HI, this had a good information for me… and stunningly I have thought about this for some time… and went online finally when I found out about the monatomic gold, and were I could get it to, open me up..
      I have no words actually, is like he wrote from my mind! All one , but not the same😉 but the real question is how, where and how much dose it cost.. I’m afraid to look don’t want to buy some junk… if you could help it is much appreciated:)
      love and light from Iceland ♡♡♡

  32. HI, this had a good information for me… and stunningly I have thought about this for some time… and went online finally when I found out about the monatomic gold, and were I could get it to, open me up..
    I have no words actually, is like he wrote from my mind! All one , but not the same😉 but the real question is how, where and how much dose it cost.. I’m afraid to look don’t want to buy some junk… if you could help it is much appreciated🙂
    love and light from Iceland ♡♡♡

    • Hi i just started to use ormus and i also used monotomic gold capsules with good results.

  33. Jesus is returning, but I don’t think He’s got a problem with mono-atomic gold. Its crazy assumptions and judgements that make you look like a dodgy christian and why people have begun hating our religion.

    In fact, Jesus Christ makes A LOT of alchemical references in the bible, im not going to bother going into them now because your not alchemists and wouldnt know what im talking about anyway, but there is nothing evil about using natural science to develop medicine, there is something evil, however, in people become aggressive, delusional, judgmental and opinionated, for no reason at all.

    Jesus Christ brought a message of peace and love, and taught us to do the same. If there is a great burning and judgment, id let him worry about where everyone will be, “Judge not, lest ye be Judged”

    I will add, and to some contrevery most likely, that the only real, historically accurate version of christianity today is actually the Mormons. They are the only christians today who practise the same religion that Christ did in the past. Believe me, Im good friends with the bloke.

    Dont take my word for it. And dont take your Pastor’s either, cause he doesnt know what hes talking about and just wants you to pay your way and steer clear of the truth, aka Mormonism.

    …. Mainstream Christianity went to the devil a long time ago…. its called the crusades.

  34. Hey
    I know you posted this a long time age but i was wondering if you kept on using the monoatomic gold and if so what was the results
    And by the way where did you buy it?


    • Hi First sorry for my bad English.
      I was taking monoatomic gold (MAG) for almost 2 years. I am still taking it. First; I just got much sleep but I mean a lot. I drank it to study better but instead I have a lot of sleep. this meant that I was sick. I I continued taking MAG but I combined it with colloidal silver in order to cure and clean my body. That took a while. Just recently (2 months ago) I started to feel more energy. I used to buy it first on Amazon then in ebay, but finally I started to make it by myself because I did not have enough money. I am still in the process, but the first impresion was to it start healing your body if you are ill. I hope that this info is useful to you. REgards

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