A Glimpse of Infinity

Carl Johnson self-portrait

A self-portrait

A lonely cry to the spirit is sent forth with conviction, and is quickly engulfed by the ether.

Later, a reverberation is sensed, dimly familiar, yet nearly forgotten. Abstract and impersonal, the echo disrupts ever so slightly and in the most incomprehensible of ways the habitual assembling of the world, revealing a feature ever present, yet strangely never before perceived.

By focusing our awareness upon this wrinkle, dormant aspects of our collective being oddly begin to glow and awaken. What was once an unseen, insignificant fold, obscured by the gross onslaught of everyday life, is now a visible tear into the very fabric and nature of our illusory worlds, beyond which can be glimpsed, ever so dimly, yet resolving steadfastly into clarity…

…the enchanted shores of a grand sea of infinite possibility!

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  1. Beautiful ! Take a look at my blog =)

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