Behind the Ordinary Eyelid

I’ve decided to start a blog. To write about things very dear to me, things that I love, but are too bizarre and esoteric to discuss with most people in a casual setting. Most of my friends aren’t even aware of many of these interests. With over 17 years of concerted effort and practice, performed quietly in the background, using non-ordinary techniques, I believe I’ve had some actual success in being able to learn alternate ways of understanding the structure of reality, time and space, and the human mind. A bold statement admittedly, but possible using techniques nearly lost over time by ancient cultures which did not possess advanced technology, yet did posses advanced knowledge of consciousness developed over thousands of years. I’m still very much a student in the field of consciousness and human potential, of course, but intuitively feel that now is the right time to begin sharing some of my experiences and insights to those of like mind, hopefully opening up some dialog and getting some fascinating conversations going, whereby we can learn from one another.

Behind the ordinary eyelid, lies a vast non-local morphogenic field known as the human mind. Or more accurately, just mind. We have been conditioned to falsely believe that such a mind is generated using chemical and physical processes by the three pounds of chalky grey meat we call our brains. We have been taught that ‘we’ end where our bodies end, and that we are separate from the world, from nature, from the universe. We incorrectly perceive the world as a physical world of separate objects… but this couldn’t be further from the truth, and I plan to prove this to you over time. It will change your life for the better, forever, once you learn to perceive things in an entirely different, but no less valid way, and embrace the vastly expanded description of reality I will help to show you. We are living in a magical time, whereby we actually have the tools and knowledge available to transcend beyond the mundane description of the world, to access a much richer one. In doing so, we can learn to recapture some of the feelings of magic and vast possibility we naturally experienced as young children, but had beaten out of us by the relentless hammer which is societal conditioning. And it’s far easier than you might think!

By studying the often secret, and super-advanced techniques of ancient mystical warriors, men and women of the highest moral and spiritual fiber, we can finally transcend our illusory limitations! These brave souls have devoted their lives to transcending the limitations of ordinary consciousness and have aspired to dizzying levels of expertise in the mapping of the infinite exploratory frontier of consciousness itself. These brave men and women are explorers of the highest order. Adventurers who are born with an innate, burning desire to transcend the limitations of standard perception, to pass through the veil of illusion, and to wade deeply into the vast ocean of pure awareness, and have risked their lives and given up all comforts in order to do so! Thankfully, we needn’t risk our own lives in order to follow in their footsteps, and then to go beyond where they left off.

I too, have been born with this burning desire to transcend the stifling dualism of this mundane world, and to delve deeply and experientially into the pure adventure of the unknown. After crying out in anguish and stating forcefully to the universe my dilemma, my perceived limitations of the human experience, I soon began experiencing a string of highly suspicious and synchronistic events, beginning in 1994. I will share some of these events as I go along, if I feel they will be helpful in order to more fully understand how this all came about in my life. For me, my desperate cry for help was answered, and I was fortunate enough to have been connected with precisely the correct individuals that led me to learn techniques that would eventually break down and deconstruct my entire worldview… and replace it with a much richer, far more ‘magical’ one. After many years of secret training and practice in this regard, I have finally gained some ability to control my conscious mind in such a way as to actually enter into bizarre alternate realms of perception, verifyable realities different from the one we normally associate as the ‘one and only’ world, and to return unharmed, and most often in a highly exhilarated state.

To date, I’ve made hundreds of such trips, most of which were done in full sobriety, without any use of shamanistic plants, and in doing so, have acquired a very unique, new perspective (and even appreciation) for the current reality for which we are all familiar. As a side effect, I’ve also gleaned some very peculiar abilities that defy belief, that are quite simply impossible to explain using our current limited belief systems relating to what reality is. This was and is the hardest ongoing part of my experiences… learning to integrate and to believe that these abilities exist – despite years of success far beyond that which mere chance or coincidence would account for, I still find my ‘rational’ mind, trying to convince me that these things are ‘impossible’, yet I’ve proven them to myself… and others, beyond any shadow of any doubt, many times over. This shows just how strong our conditioning is, and that it takes a consistent effort to reverse it.

While much of this knowledge does take years of work to develop, there are several techniques which I can literally teach to anyone with a sufficiently open mind, within minutes; techniques that will transform your life, reacquaint you with the true, magical nature of existence, and provide a path to happiness and bliss not possible using a traditional ‘Western’ approach involving mere psychology or philosophy. These techniques are experiential, can be tested by anyone, are repeatable, and can provide actual measurable results.

In this blog, if there is sufficient interest, I will attempt to teach some of these techniques of manifestation and the manipulation of time and space, seemingly impossible, yet quite accessible, to anyone serious enough, brave enough, and open-minded enough to simply try. I believe that within these mystical techniques, lies the solutions to all of the world’s ills, and together as students we can practice and master them in order to make a difference not only in our lives, but in the ‘external world’ itself.

My adventures have changed me for the better. Nothing is to me as it was before. My thoughts no longer fall into predefined ruts, worn deep by the habitually myopic hoards of brainwashed and conditioned people that have carved these into the very landscape of the human psyche. Where limitation, routine, and strict reductionism existed before, magic and the exhilaration of infinite possibilities exists now.

Most of my readers will most likely have a spiritual bent, and be quite comfortable embracing an expanded worldview, others will not. But even the skeptical are welcome, as I’ve got techniques I can teach in seconds, when simply tried and experimented with can quickly prove that our paradigm of reality must be seriously limited, or they couldn’t possibly work. It just takes the ability to suspend disbelief, and the courage to try with a fully open mind. I’m hoping I can learn from you as well, as many of you will have had your own learning adventures on the vast sea of awareness, different than my own, but no less valid.

Are you ready to have your mind blown wide open with possibilities which are beyond your ability to comprehend and imagine? Are you ready to transform your life into something wonderful and inconceivable, ripe with infinite possibility? When one walks the shores of the sea of awareness, and opens the mind and the heart, nothing is impossible. Lifting the veil of our limited, conditioned view of reality opens up wide new expanses of adventure, possibility, freedom, happiness, and bliss.

Join me on my adventure, together we can save ourselves, and maybe even the world.



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  1. nice. but where can i access this Information?!

  2. My path is much the same as yours. I came here with some awareness. My path I have walked alone, only recently I discovered the wisdom behind this way; that is, one has a tendancy to depend upon the spiritual guides and stop looking to the limited 3D world for direction and answers. It is more challenging, but I now see the wisdom. I just started Monatomic Gold this a.m. I seem to have attracted your energy as a result. I resonate with your messages.

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