Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorum is a plant endemic to Oaxaca, Mexico, and has been used for thousands of years by shamans to enhance awareness, and to engender excursions into non-ordinary realms of consciousness. It’s also purported to facilitate out of body travel. It’s a 100% legal product, and can be purchased online. For years I’d heard about it, read about it, but on this particular day… I decided to try it.

I’d just returned home from a trip to Maine, to see Kara, a girl I was somewhat involved with at the time, where things went quite badly, as they usually had with her. I’d nearly forgotten that I’d ordered it, but when I returned to Mass., my order of Salvia was awaiting me at my mother’s house. She had to leave to go out with her friend Kathy. My brother EJ and I decided to try it, so we could be each other’s “sitter”. This stuff is totally legal, unbelievably, and I got it from “”. We started out with the “Green”, this is the intro strength stuff, and it supposed to familiarize you with the effect before diving you in to full-blown out-of-world type stuff. I had the distinct fear that its effects would be negligible and that I’d been tricked into handing over my precious money for some gimicky herb, of limited usefulness.

We used the ‘two-experience’ sample pack provided as a free give-away by the company, and split it in half. My brother EJ tried first. The substance is meant to be smoked. We fashioned a suitable device for this end, and EJ was brave enough to try first. I used my cell phone’s stopwatch to count 30 seconds after first inhaling. This part is supposedly critical to achieve desired concentration of the active ingredient of the plant extract, salvinorum A, into the bloodstream.

Disappointingly, there was no apparent effect for ‘Mr. Drug tolerance.’ Later he admitted he doesn’t believe in “the other side”, or spiritual realms, nor was he willing to go there when the plant beckoned him, therefore he seemed ‘stuck in this reality’. I later discovered that in smaller doses anyway, much of the effect was controllable… one could choose to ‘let go’ and to leave the body as it were, or if fear or a sense of control took over, one could choose to limit the effect, at which point you might feel a bit strange for a short while, but nothing truly bizarre would happen. At higher doses, you’re going on the ride of your life whether you want to or not.

My first dose of “green” strength salvia wasn’t unpleasant. It didn’t taste bad, had a little burn at the end of a long inhale, but not too bad. I think it was my second or third hit that got me. As I felt the burn in my lungs, this feeling became the object of my awareness, and it began to move to the right. I felt my lungs and midsection sliding to the right strangely, while the rest of my body remained stationary. I felt as if I was being pulled apart like a piece of taffy. I had awareness of being in the room, but my senses, my visual field behind my eyes started to feel “pinched” somehow… Very strange but not an unpleasant situation which faded in a few minutes.

EJ next tried the “Red” sample, totally skipping over the intermediary “Yellow” which was also provided. It was much stronger supposedly, and again we split it between us. Again, surprisingly, he claimed he felt nothing. I tried it, by taking a very deep hit. It may have been my second hit; I’m not sure, maybe the first. But I immediately got that feeling of being melted apart from the midsection, again going right, like taffy. It was like my entire visual field… no… my entire perceptual sphere of reality itself, visual field as well as all my thoughts, feelings, memories… everything that I associated with this ‘reality’… changed shape in an incomprehensible way, and got ‘stretched to the right’, until unrecognizable. Now this taffy stuff which was everything I knew, now became alive with consciousness. It had a plan and was directing the experience. It was as if I stepped outside of and above my sphere of consciousness, and for the first time in my life was seeing things from a higher, grander perspective yet totally outside of what I’d normally call ‘reality’.

A tube formed of this “stuff” in my mind. My eyes were closed, yet the ‘images’ I ‘saw’ were so much clearer than any my eyes could deliver to me. Maybe this is what they mean when they talk about opening the ‘3rd eye’. This was in effect a whole new way of  ‘seeing’, much more all-encompassing than simply with the eyes. It was so very clear, sharp and vivid! Also, I’d lost all awareness of my body, I was a point of consciousness in a fully vivid and real alternate reality, it was SO bizarre! Everything was alive and moving, I was on a roller coaster ride, fully conscious, but having forgotten about “me” and the fact that my body was still on the couch. This ‘tube’ became the inside of a huge flower, translucent, sometimes with undulating, repeating patterns forming its walls. Something like blue sky loomed above it, the walls of the tube ever morphing and changing. Nothing was static here! It also could have been the inside of an ear, huge, how that would look, translucent, fleshy, pink, and complete with veins, superimposed upon a textured surface of morphing, undulating fractal patterns of infinite complexity, which seemed composed of awareness itself.

The new “I” was looking upward, from the bottom of this morphing thing. There was an instant before this started that I thought, “time to get scared now”, but it overtook me so fast, that before I could be frightened, there I was, successfully transported into a new reality, feeling physically fine, enjoying the trip. Then I heard a distant “Da-da-da-da-da-da-da…”, the sound EJ was making earlier to mock the psychedelic experience, trying to trick me into thinking it was an echo, when in fact it was his comical impersonation of one. Despite a distant part of me knowing his trickery, it literally tickled my innards in a way I cannot tell you, that made me giggle like a baby! His vocalizations also had a distinct effect on what I was perceiving. His farcical sounds literally vibrated my tunnel causing it to morph into something a bit more brick-like… Then before I could recover from my laughter, he did it again, mockingly, making me feel like a helpless baby unable to move in order to shy away from this intensive internal tickling! It was so intense I laughed out loud, I couldn’t help myself! I was trying to enunciate where I was and what it was doing to me, but the tickle was so powerful, I convulsed with laughter. Then he did it again and again, the tickle almost too much for me to take! Streams of tears coming down my face, as I was pure laughter from the inside of this huge “protohorn”, to borrow an expression I came up with from a previous out-of-body excursion, from years previous, one involving no plants or substances whatsoever, yet was equally as intense.

At one point, I felt that I was just underneath a membrane, part of this tube – up and to the left was the top. A bird chirped from my right, in both realities. I felt the mood of a blue sky world just beyond this membrane, maybe a higher dose and I would have broken through to it. It was as if light from outside was beckoning me through a translucent window shade. You know if you open the window, there’ll appear a bright reality outside, but even without doing this, you can feel it’s presence.

For a while, I now knew I was lying on the couch, eyes closed, with EJ mocking me from the chair. I could still see my vision, and felt very relaxed and euphoric, my body a bit jello-like. Then EJ turned on my video camera to get my first reaction, I was still affected, but mostly back to reality. A feeling of satisfaction and mild euphoria remained with me for 30 minutes intensely, and mildly for the remainder of the day. I felt fantastic, and as exhilarated as if I’d just climbed a mountain, seen the most beautiful vista, and returned.

All I can say is, “wowie kazowie, batman”! What a fully immersive experience! And did I mention, legal?! I did some research online and this is one of the rarest plants in the world, and it’s difficult to cultivate the active ingredient. So, this company has done all the hard work, by not only cultivating, but concentrating the plant into extra-strength standardized amounts. It’s from Oaxaca, Mexico, strangely enough, the birthplace of don Juan, and the setting for many of the sorceric tales I’ve read about from Carlos Castaneda. I need to reread the books to see if I can find any references to Salvia. I seem to remember them, and now, I’m fascinated to hear what the sorcerers have to say about this strangest of plants, and how they use it specifically for spiritual growth.

All in all, it was an extremely exhilarating and positive experience. While such ‘power plants’ aren’t necessary for travel into other realms, they can provide assistance when needed, a shortcut, if you will, and when used carefully and responsibly, with only the highest spiritual aims in mind. I’m still blown away by the fact this strongest of all known hallucinogens is still absolutely legal, due to it’s dissimilarity to other classes of psychotropics, and for that I’m extremely thankful. I am a strict believer that we should have the choice in using natural plants to explore our own minds and awareness. When used carefully and responsibly, I feel they can be a wonderful tool with which to explore the deep inner recesses of the human psyche, and of realms of non-ordinary reality so bizarre but yet fully real in every sense of the word, but that words don’t do them justice.

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  1. So when are you holdimg mass I could go to your church if you have salvia in the insence burnner thing that is swinging from your hand jk
    …..well done keep it up

    • I don’t burn incense, but do serve up a great tasting cool-aid! C’mon by! lol

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